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Set Your Boundaries

ImageMany times in sales you will find yourself going above and beyond for a client.  You want to make sure the client gets the service they expect and deserve.  You asked them for a chance and you want to on deliver that promise.  At the same time you might come across clients that tend to have higher expectations than you can deliver or continually take advantage of your generosity.

It’s important to make sure you set boundaries in your business relationships.  This can be done in several ways.

Clear Proposals – Make sure everyone is on the same page before you start your work or deliver your product.  The customer should be completely clear on the deliverables and your expectations.   Be careful that you outline all the details or your proposals, and be cautious not to put into too much filler.  Proposals are generally best received when they are delivered in person and reviewed.  Have both parties sign the proposal prior to commencement of work.  It’s great to have trust in business partners but both parties should have a signed agreement regardless of the level of trust.

Communicate Effectively – Ask you client what the best way to reach them is.  There are so many different ways to communicate with people these days and really there is no standard.  Some people prefer text to email and vice versa.  Some people never check voice mails and some people have an assistant you must go thru.  Find out the best way to communicate with your client and make sure they know how to reach you as well. 

Don’t over extend yourself over and over again– Let your client know when you are doing something out of the norm.  From time to time clients will get in a situation where they will need you to work a miracle.  Miracles aren’t easy and sometimes impossible.  Do what you can to help your client but make sure they know when you have done more than the scope of services, and in many cases you may even need to charge them for the extra service.  If you continually are helping the same client with a crisis and it can be prevented you need to explain to them what you need from them to provide the service.  Your added efforts have a value and it’s important not let those services go under value.

Setting clear boundaries in business will help you in establishing healthy and successful practices.  Your clients will value your services and they will also appreciate when you have had to go above and beyond to create miracles.  Always strive to provide the best possible products and services and establish reasonable expectations.


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