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Patience Is a Virtue

Almost everyday in sales I am reminded of the statement “patience is a virtue”.  Some days I feel like I am just running in a rat race.  100 calls and not one yes and then all of sudden I get a return call or email from last month.  Imagine if I would have given up last week I would have missed that call and opportunity. 

All too often I come across businesses and owners that say I want to increase sales and I am going to hire a sales person to do that.  Yes great idea…and here’s a hint do not make the mistake of putting the wrong expectations on your sales person.  Set numbers and goals for them to reach such as number of calls, number of meetings, and number of new prospects.  Hold them accountable to reach these numbers, but do not expect that in the first 30 days they will bring you in a million dollar deal.  It takes time to uncover opportunities and that is what makes a WIN that much sweeter. 

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