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Authentic vs Synthetic

Authentic vs Synthetic


Both in personal life and and business I choose to surround myself with authentic versus synthetic people.  So what does that mean?  Authentic people do not hide their agendas.  They put themselves in your life or business for a reason and the reasons are clear.  Synthetic people surface only when they want something or need something.  Their objectives are never clear and usually the outcome leaves you questioning that interaction.  This does not mean that an authentic person needs to check up on you daily.  Many of the authentic people I surround myself with in personal life and business life I don’t see on a regular basis or talk to that often, but I do know that I when conduct business with them I am going to get answers and I always know where I stand.

Sales and new business should never depend on dropping off donuts to an office or buying things for a client.  Those are always nice perks but give your client good service and value.  Thank yous are appreciated and well received, but make your services and products meet expectations with or without perks.  Pick up the phone when your business associates call or if you miss the call, call them back.  People like gifts and lunches but really they want a good solid business relationship that will be good for their business.  Make your relationship something of value beyond something that anyone can do for them.  It’s kind of like getting flowers from your spouse after a fight.  You would much rather get flowers because they just wanted to tell you they care not because they did something wrong or they want something.

Authentic people have clear intentions and no hidden agendas.  Synthetic people are afraid to ask for what they want.   Authentic business people are less likely to be fearful of asking for an order in business because they have nothing to hide.

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