TGIF….is your work week that bad????


It’s interesting to see how some people approach their work days and announce it on Social Media.  I have a few people on a social media site where it’s like clockwork on Thursday they are announcing to the world that it’s almost the end of the week, on Friday they are ready to run out of their office, and on Monday they are so depressed because it’s back to the grind.  Have you ever thought that if you put it out into the universe how much you hate something that you will hate it more?  Work is work and for most people its unavoidable.  We have bills to pay and responsibilities that require money.  My question is why does work have to be so dreadful?  Do they beat you at this establishment?  Are you there against your will?  Are the people in your office that bad?  Yes, I agree some jobs can be very draining and hard and yes the weekend is more enjoyable but really is there something else going around you that’s positive and you could post that?  Please share the positive it will make you more positive and impact the people in your circle in a better way.

I bet if I reached out to the people that are so vocal about hating their job and said are you looking for a new job, they would come back and say no I’m just looking forward to the weekend.  So why don’t these people focus on something else to broadcast on their social media?  How about a productive and motivating quote?  Even if the blurb about hating Monday took them only a second it has now reach a couple hundred people that you really dislike your job which is probably a good portion of your life.  It’s a simple negative comment that really just helped you hate your work week and makes people think wow this person’s life sounds a bit dreadful.  Try spinning Monday thru Friday into something a little more desirable.


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