Pointless Stress


I grew up in Seattle and moved to Florida when I graduated high school.  It would be fair to say that most of my driving experience has come from the Sunny Land of Florida.  I still think of myself as a Seattle Girl at heart until I get on the road.  Recently, I got off the plane in Seattle and meet my ride at the loading area.  I become immediately irritated by the person that is blocking us with their car.  It’s like the person does not see us and I tell my driver aka my mom to use her horn.  My mom looks horrified that I want to use the horn so I reach over and blow the horn.  All of sudden I get nasty looks like I am the rudest person and the other car still does not move.  Okay I decide to give in and we will wait….so we wait 30 seconds and they move.  Interesting how my blood pressure raised over waiting 1/2 a minute.  My stress seemed a little pointless.

The next day I find myself driving across town to visit a friend and let’s face it there is a lot of traffic in Seattle.  You can’t fight the traffic it’s just there.  I see a long line of drivers lined up on the exit ramp.  The two lanes next to the merge lane is wide open.  People are not driving up to the front of the merge lane and snaking in.  The drivers jump into the last place in line and patiently wait their turn.  Every time I come to Seattle and see this I am blown away.  It’s refreshing drivers actually respecting that someone has been waiting longer and if someone decides to cut there are no horns or hand signals flying around.  Don’t get me wrong I am sure there is a good share of road rage in the Seattle area, but the drivers seem to realize that getting angry and frustrated is really not going to help the situation.  Traffic exist and sometimes you just have to be patient.

This the same with many other things in life and work.  Things that tend to make you annoyed or irritable on a daily basis are sometimes things that you should probably just roll with.  There will be plenty of things in life to stress over.  So if you find yourself working and stressed over things you can’t control….pause.  Ask yourself what can I do to make this situation better?  Is my increased stress level helping or hurting?  Do I need to the let the situation pass or do I need to respectively address the situation.  Getting angry as one might do in road rage is generally pointless and ineffective. 

So while in Seattle I take a moment to pause and watch.  The traffic exist and yes it’s not fun but I can make it completely painful and tension filled or I can accept it for what it is.  If someone decides to cut me off on the road that’s okay because there may be a time when I really need to cut in and someone will graciously enough let me in….I mean haven’t we all been there?  Haven’t you ever had to wave to someone and ask them to let you cut in?  It feels good when they smile at you and give you a friendly gesture of approval.

Don’t let you days become filled with pointless stress because one thing will turn into multiple things. 


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