Sometimes You Need to Increase Your Altitude


I think I am a fairly decent runner.  I can run a 5k with little to no pain, and at this point in my running career I don’t ever worry about running a 5k.  Living in Florida, I definitely am not faced with much altitude and for the most part I run on flat roads.  When I go for a 3.5 mile run it’s a good cardio run but definitely nothing I feel overly challenged on.  So it’s interesting how much of a difference it can make when I decide to go for a hike that is half the distance of my normal run.  I have a harder time breathing my muscles are stretched differently and it takes me much longer.  Of course it’s different going uphill as opposed to running on flat services but I’m thinking to myself I am used to running twice this and in 30 degrees warmer temperature I should be able to do it.  It’s not the case at all though.  Even though you may be a strong runner your body is accustomed to certain conditions.

So this is a blog about business and sales what does my altitude running challenge have to do with business?  In business like running you become accustomed to certain styles and ways of doing things.  Even if you think you have mastered your skill and you have a working system be open to take a road that might be an uphill battle at first.  Maybe extending yourself will help you to learn something new or experience something that will enlighten you as a business person.  It’s good to hear how others achieve their goals and incorporate some of their methods into your business.  The business world is a busy place and it’s good to have systems and paths to follow but it’s also good to sometimes look outside of the way you do things and accept some challenges to help you develop even better methods.  At first you may be uncomfortable and feel unsuccessful but if you try you may also find you get different results that helped your business.

My 3.5 miles used to be my challenge but then it became much easier, and now that I have pushed myself to another challenge I found new muscles and I was able to get more out of my workout.  The same is in business I know I can do a certain amount of cold calls a day and get results but maybe tomorrow I can try a new way of marketing and see what kind of results I will get.


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