Plan for Success


To be successful you need a plan, right?  So to make the most of each day, week, month, and year  you should have a plan.   You are so busy keeping up with the day to day task, meetings, phone calls, proposals etc when do you make time to write your next plan?  Do you plan out your future or wait for it to happen?  I’m not sure about you but every time I wait for something to happen it’s generally not in my favor.  If I was waiting to close a deal I never marketed it’s probably not going to happen.

I suggest using your Sunday evenings and weeknights or early mornings.  By setting a plan for the week on Sunday evenings you are gearing yourself up for the week.  Making your plan during off hours helps to reduce other distractions, and you know what is on your plate at that moment.   Of course you should always strive for a balanced life that is not completely focused on work, so don’t use your whole Sunday to make a plan or cut into dinner time.  Take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to write down an agenda for your upcoming week or day and review your calendar.   If it’s too hard to make a plan for the next day at the end of your day, try to wake up an extra hour early.  Drink a cup of coffee or tea and do your planning.   You will be shocked that by using this time on “off” hours you will actually have more time.  Your days will flow better and you when you stick to your plans you will have a great sense of accomplishment.

Success doesn’t punch a clock, and success doesn’t have to work around the clock, but success does have to beat the clock.  Some of my favorite old sayings are time is money and money is time.  Work smarter not harder.


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