What are your intentions?


So you want something from me?  It’s great to have intentions, clear intentions that is.


Just because you are in sales does not mean that you should hide the fact that you want someone to buy your service or product.


Let’s say today you want to buy a car.  You drive to a dealer and walk the lot.  It takes a few minutes maybe seconds for you to be approached by a sales person.  We all know prior to showing up the intention of that sales person is to get you to buy the car.  So why is that we get turned off by car sales people when we know their intentions?  We have created this idea that they want to get us in a car for the most money they can.  What if the intention is to help you find the best car for you?  Wouldn’t you appreciate the help?


I bought a new car in the past year.  I had a great experience.  The sales person was up front with me and said regardless of the price he would get paid the same.  He told me his intent was is to get me in a car I liked.   I prefer to drive manual so I was limited to more of a basic model, so he was limited to selling me the base model.   I was more work for this man than someone that was buying a car with all the options.  My car was less expensive but had to be special ordered.  I truly felt that the salesperson wanted to see me happy with my car, and he clearly stated “if I make you happy you will refer people.”  He’s right I will and I did.  I even turned down a deal from another dealer that was cheaper because I felt more comfortable with my sales person.  He was upfront and I felt like I would deal with little problems down the road if I needed something.


When you call on someone for business you have an intention.  Is it your goal to sell them a service that you perceive they need?  Is it your goal to save them money with your service?  Is it your goal to make their business more efficient?  Or is your goal as simple as finding out about their business so you can see if there is a fit for a business relationship?


If you know you have the right intentions the person you are speaking to will also see your intentions are genuine.



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