Thank you!


thank you

So when you land a meeting or a close deal does it energize you?  Do you think that person owed it you to give you their time or business?  People are busy and people have choices.   If you are the type of person that gets excited when you land a meeting or close a deal take that excitement and send them a thank you.  Emails are a great way to say thank you, but if you really want to make an impression write a handwritten note.  One of the most rewarding feelings I had was a few years back.  I sold a service to a client and the company I worked for had never offered this service before.  The client took a chance on me.  I wrote him a thank you card and when I went back to meet him several months later he had my thank you card pinned up on his board.   Now for the sales rep that gets no excitement from landing a meeting or closing a deal….you are in the wrong line of work.



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