Soliciting Welcomed…..and Encouraged!


I always find it ironic when places of business put signs out that read “no soliciting”.  They may think this sign is needed and it’s a great way to keep out those annoying salespeople.  I am curious, how do these businesses get their business?!?!  Do they have sales people that work for them?  Do the owners of that company call on others for business?  Is their business doing so well that they do not need to market or sell?

Also, did you know that sometimes when you take the time to speak to those rotten sales people you actually end up saving on services you never thought about shopping around for.

Take a second to listen to the salesperson who walks in the door.  That salesperson might be a potential buyer for you one day or guess what the sales person might even have an offer that is good for your business.

Do yourself or your company a favor take down the sign!


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