What’s a better feeling being inspired or being an inspiration?  Remember how you feel after someone inspires you.  Make sure you return the favor and inspire those around you.


Inspiration is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, and I am blessed to be inspired by many.  My mom has always inspired me to push myself to do more, and even when I think I can’t I really can.  My grandmother inspired me to always speak my mind.  Sometimes I didn’t care for some of her opinions but I loved her and knew that she came from a good place.  She taught me that not everyone is going to agree with me and sometimes the difference in opinion will inspire great healthy discussions.


An ex-coworker inspired me to love the art of cold calls.  I had just started out in sales and we went to make a cold call.  I remember walking up to the business with him and on the door it said “no soliciting”.  I was young and new at the job, so I felt a little anxious walking into the business.  He taught me that the worst thing that could happen was they tell us to leave.  He inspired me that failure in sales is inevitable and really it’s no big deal…just keep trying.


I have so many people that have given me gifts of inspiration and if I can do the same for others I will have received the ultimate gift.



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