I’m running and I’m Selling


Two of my favorite things seem to be disliked by many people.  Running and Selling.  I usually get the same reaction from outsiders on both subjects when I say “I really enjoy Running” and “I really enjoy sales”.  The response 9 out of 10 times is “Really?  I hate that.”  Immediately, I want to back up why I enjoy both activities but really I don’t owe any explanation.


Until you try running or selling, and taste the rewards that come with it you will probably never like them.  Both activities require hard work to reach your results.  You can be the best athlete but if you don’t keep running you will have to start from the beginning.  The same is for selling.  I don’t believe you are born with a gift to sell.  You have to work on it.  You have to learn about different people, industries, and products.  You have to be willing to overcome objections and keep a positive attitude.  In both running and selling quitting is an option, but if you are truly dedicated you will see past the pain and know the gift at the end is worth it.


Both running and selling can be a tedious task to those that look at is a necessary evil, but cheers to those of us who take it on as a personal challenge.  We will always find enjoyment in our successes!



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