Having Purpose


Each day I wake up is completely different but filled with the same purpose.  I have many different actions and motives but one overall simple purpose.  Many would say that their purpose is to live life to the fullest or to make an impact on another person or even to become the greatest at a skill, but really my purpose is simple.  Really all purposes are simple.  My purpose is something I achieve daily.  My goals change but my purpose does not and it will help lead me to my goals.  Curing cancer is a goal not a purpose.

My purpose gives me peace at the end of each day.  Some days are harder than others and some days are the best day yet.  Have you ever asked yourself what is your purpose?  Sometimes people ask the question and wait for someone to answer back.  I used to do that….and then I realized my purpose was something I did everyday and it was in front of me.  I didn’t pick my purpose out of a magazine catalog.  There are certain things that are part of you from day one.  You live out your purpose most times unknowingly.  My purpose is not to teach others how to live or what to believe in.  My purpose is not to change the world or even change one person.

Keep up with my blog and you may learn what my purpose is.  I could write it down for you or the world but that would be too easy.


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