Clean your windshield


Have you ever experienced that feeling when you take a long road trip and your windshield becomes covered in bugs and dirt?  The further you go it continues to build up.  It starts to get harder and harder to see ahead.  You feel frustrated and challenged to navigate your way forward.  So you finally stop and take time to clean your windshield.  All of sudden the road ahead gets clearer.  You don’t feel as uptight or concerned that you might miss your exit.  There is a sense of relief and less pressure.

In work and life sometimes you need to stop and clean your windshield.  Your mind sometimes gets cluttered like the bugs on the windshield, and keeps you from seeing the possibilities ahead.  We let past experiences good and bad stand in our way of seeing new opportunities.  Wipe away the debris that is building up so you can clear your mind and better focus on the destination.


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